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Welcome to 2022, here's our collection with a select amount of designs and culture prints to browse from.

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

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Take it slow, one day at a time.

Since 2014 I always had a vision to put something worthwhile on a shirt and rock it. No matter what, I wanted to feel like I connected with whatever I wore because I was making a statement. Superslow Apparel is an embodiment of making a statement to those that seek to. Bred in Western Sydney, the mission is to create clothing that you can sit back, relax and take things slow in, because we live life in the fast lane. Instant gratification amongst other things aren't as good they seem.

Greatness takes time - so does anything worthwhile. Taking your time and doing things day by day is the way to greatness because nothing great comes overnight. There's always time to go fast in life because that's all we seem to do now. We just don't have time to slow down and take things in. So, here's to taking things slow, and enjoying a piece of clothing as an expression of love, culture, passion, expression, and pride.

Wether you're into our one-off pieces or culturally appropriated shirts, I hope you find the time to take it slow.

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Clothing and social responsibility

Most of the artwork and clothing is created in Australia with printing done in Queensland then shipped to Sydney.

As far as sourcing quality and sustainable clothing, I've opted to print using ascolour garments due to their diligence in being transparent in how they source, manufacture and ship the raw garments from wherever in the world to Australia.

I use ascolour for the transparency and the actual garment quality when printed. They provide a wealth of information on their website which you can download and read their ethical production guide here and have a read of how they source garments here.

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