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August Update 2021

Well, August came and went just like that, got my first jab and still enduring an extended lockdown wondering when I'll manage to get out the freaking house. Any-who, i managed to trifle some images together to make something a little retro, like an idea smash, like classic, vintage retro tee but using familiar designs like Rhuigi Villaseñor or going under the brand-name Rhude. Rhude is popular with NBA players, fashion, sports stars and increasing popularity amongst the mainstream.

Something cool to slap on a marle grey or stonewash tee for shore.

I also managed to make some retro tee designs of Pierre Bourne, testing out new ways of designing graphics and various ways of using crops and colour filtering.

I'll zip my mouth but thanks to @Fullermoe for the Photoshop filters pack.

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