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March Update 2021

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Welcome to the blog!

This where I can show some progress and share some updates.

So I was neck deep in getting some prints together with the approval of my buddies for the first 'Test' launch with some shirts including movies Coming to America and 2 Fast 2 Furious. The Ejecto seato shirt is up there and possibly one of my faves this far. I created a tote bad featuring my Keith Haring inspired 'Slam' artwork. It's fun, pays homage to Keith Haring and features a few colour-ways. I'll be releasing it sometime later this year also.

Making the hoopdreamz print is something I've been wanting to do since the start of the brand. So here's a little insight into the process.

The above is the basic print layout. I was struggling at trying to find a good layout for the actual 'finished' print but I think it was basically there. Just need some filtering, colour redaction and tidying up with textures.

The final product came out quite perfect actually, results speak for themselves.

I envisioned the print to actually go a light stone wash shirt similar to the ascolour version. So they basically go hand-in-hand for the final shirt. Wear a pair of ripped or light coloured regular jeans, and you're basically set.

The shirt is lightweight also and not a firm fit, so having that loose fit is good for relaxed casual wear. If you're wondering who the guy is, it's none other than NBA Champ, Chis "Birdman" Andersen... one of my all-time fave players who showed me you can make it no matter how stuck you get and just playing to your strengths, something we can all learn from.

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