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October Update 2021

Finally seeing the after-effects of NSW's vaccination race. We managed to endure over 100 days of lockdown and being in a hot-spot LGA it wasn't any easier. Anyway, I hadn't made much more progress on any other experiments other than my buddy Wills stickers arriving and looking good on my shelf going no-where.

I did want to celebrate the start of the NBA season with some Nuggets artwork, so why not.

Maybe thinking about getting this on a hoodie for when it starts to get cold. Maybe even when it start to get warm in NSW I'll get it on one of those instead..

I've been thinking about comfy sleepwear, it's kinda weird but I've never really had good sleepwear growing up. Idk it's like Peter Alexanders narrow assortment of Disney and Marvel based sleepwear doesn't cut it for mid-twenties dudes that wanna sleep in something that looks and feels good apart from shitty boxers from Target.

ascolour creates really good cotton clothes for men and women however I've noticed on their newsletters the stadium shorts and tank tops are really inviting.. I say this because I've bought a few from them previous however they're fairly worn out from constant use, coincidence? I think not. I'll stick to my schedule from earlier this year however and try to show off some new samples posted from up north however I managed to get some posts up with the Slam! tote bag.

Looks dope!

I'm looking forward to a few things in the next few months:

  • Getting new samples of the Jamal Murray series, just in time for his return? Maybe..

  • Restock and hopefully hand out a few pop-smoke and DMX shirts

  • Show off some other new things I'll get samples for such as the Ghostrider long sleeve

  • Samples of the Trae Young and Pierre Bourne shirts

  • Work on the woven labels again to use on shirts, caps and even tags sewn to a shirt.

It's November next month so I'll celebrate my birthday and getting out again so I may be a delayed until Christmas but I'm happy with all my research this year.

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