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April Update 2021

April saw me finish up a few of the prints that I started in March. With the better ones coming out such as the Pop Smoke V1. tee which was a request by my mate Ian so I aimed to recreate something similar to a vintage feel but more modern and less typically bootleg.

The print was a simple layout, I had learnt a shit-ton from my initial drafts and learning to work with more textures and different font set-ups.

Quality came out super nice too, which was a pleasant surprise.

The second one I worked on was the 'Ruff Ryders 4 Life' print. This was a request from a basketball buddy of mine. With the tragic passing of one of the greatest RNB rappers DMX, I aimed to create a shirt that paid homage to the legend with the Ruff Ryders shirt.

The print was a bit more intricate with the textures and colouring was a bit darker but the final product came out really detailed.

One of lessons I learnt was to not add too much noise otherwise the print becomes super grainy and you can't really make out much in terms of who's who on the shirt.

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