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May Update 2021

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

May didn't really see much productivity in terms of getting more prints ready to go, however, the damn website took most of my time after work, and on the weekends, as I tried taking the time out to do other stuff away from the computer screen. I did manage to actually get some quotes for neck tags and completed some previews for what they'll look like:

You can basically make out where the fold will be, but I wasn't super satisfied with the final design - so I tweaked it.

I might not get every size for now since prices are too expensive, but the design is basically there for the future.

Also, another print I worked on. I wanted something to be made in the vein of Travis Scott because why not:

One thing I did learn from this one was how to go crazy with lightning, also, because why not. It may be something fairly mainstream right now however it's cool to see what the effect does thematically to the print, I think that's the coolest part. This print will come out sometime in August/September. It will arrive in white too.

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